What We Do?

Legal Offshoring is a reliable partner for major global law firms and corporate legal divisions, assisting our clients in providing more for less and enhancing the value they extend to their own clients. Legal Offshoring presents a lot more accurate costs and results, process engineering knowledge and a versatile, scalable system of global assets offering an entire selection of discovery, compliance and legal process outsourcing services.

Delegating these kinds of high-volume, usually consistent projects frees your in-house legal team to concentrate on higher-value tasks. Major Lawfirms, investment finance institutions, pharmaceutical businesses, IT firms, global corporations and many others count on our know-how, our procedures and our global network of delivery centers to facilitate their operations more proficiently and more systematically.

Our delivery centers based in India are accredited to global information security and quality management benchmarks. Our work principles ascertain that we satisfy the highest possible standards of steady improvement and proficiency across all our business areas.

Legal Offshoring offers legal support services to clients in various industries, such as Legal sector, Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Professional services, Consumer products businesses, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Aerospace, Mining, Energy and others.

Services We Provide

We are proficient with various office management functions that take place in a law firm. We perform tasks such as daily filing activities that include opening, closing, storing and retrieving client files.

Outsource Law Office Management to us and let us handle all your back office operations.

1. Legal Bookkeeping Services

If legal bookkeeping is costing you time and effort that could be spent in other core areas, you should consider outsourcing legal bookkeeping to us. You can save up on cost and time by letting us worry about the bookkeeping legwork for you.

2. Legal Filing Services

With our proficient "Legal Filing" services we are here to ascertain that all litigation work is filed with no loopholes tipping the winning scales in your favor.

3. Legal Billing Services

With the top-rated Legal Billing services we are here to ensure that you receive all your legal dues at the earliest with the least amount of hassles.

Specific Forms and Contracts

We work with our customers in drafting the following types of contracts -

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  • Lease Agreements
  • Employee Contracts
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Research Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Electronic Contracts
  • Industry-specific Contracts

If your law firm or corporate legal department wants to cut down on costs by at least 50%, consider outsourcing a few of your non-core legal activities, such as legal documentation, legal drafting, legal analysis or other LPO services.

With over a decade years of experience in the field of legal research and analysis, we now have customers in the US, UK and in other western countries. Apart from savings on cost, our customers have been able to increase their productivity.

We can function as your back office legal process outsourcing services partner and efficiently manage your legal drafting, documentation or analysis requirements. The LPO services team at Legal Offshoring is made up of qualified lawyers who are especially skilled in legal drafting and legal analysis. Our areas of expertise are as follows -

  • Drafting legal pleadings, discovery documents and other documents related to litigation
  • Preparing discovery documents and pleadings for the review of trial attorneys
  • Analyzing and organizing legal information

Legal documentation, drafting & analysis services offered:

At only one-third of your current operating cost, we can provide you with the following legal process outsourcing -

  • Trial Briefs Writing Services
  • Legal Memorandum Writing Services
  • Legal Document Review Services
  • Legal Coding Services
  • Legal Publishing and Editorial Services
  • Deposition Summary Services
  • Legal Proofreading Services
  • Litigation Document Management Services
  • Legal Contract Drafting Services
  • Legal Data Entry Services
  • Preparing subpoenas and deposition notices
  • Drafting deposition questions and outlines
  • Drafting stipulations and motions
  • Preparing interrogatories
  • Reviewing, organizing and indexing legal documents
  • Analyzing responses to discovery requests
  • Preparing responses
  • Drafting discovery documents
  • Drafting briefs and legal memoranda
  • Maintaining files
  • Checking cites and Shepardize
  • Performing legal research, non-legal research and medical research
  • Legal work involved with investigations, outside vendors etc
  • Developing a computerized information retrieval system

We can also help you with your requirements regarding complaints, summons and answers. The services we provide include -

  • Drafting complaints and summons
  • Drafting responsive pleadings and answers
  • Drafting correspondences

Apart from providing the above legal drafting services, we can also provide you with a second opinion and edit pre-drafted agreements. Our lawyers can also proofread the agreement that is drafted by the other party and check the agreement to see if there is any clause that can be interpreted against you.

We can efficiently manage your cumbersome case management tasks that have to be taken care of in any lawsuit. Managing legal process outsourcing (LPO) tasks is not simple and requires the expertise of a professional, and if ignored, case management tasks can result in additional costs. Outsource your litigation support to us and we will handle your litigation management. Our services include -

  • Legal Contract Monitoring Services
  • Medical Malpractice Litigation Support Services
  • Drafting Complaints and Summons
  • Drafting Responsive Pleadings and Answers
  • Drafting Correspondences
  • Maintaining Your Calendar
  • Organizing, Analyzing, Filing, and Preparing Chronologies
  • Appellate Brief Services
  • Medico-Legal Support Services

We have been catering to the paralegal support needs of organizations across the globe for over a decade now. We specialize in delivering the best quality paralegal support to clients within a short time. Some of the key litigation and paralegal support services we offer include -

1. Web Research Services
  • Business entity search
  • Lien search
  • Historical database search
  • Securities class litigation search
  • Retrieve docket sheets, judgments, title searches, etc.
2. Discovery Management
  • Indexing
  • Litigation coding
  • Database Management
  • Court documents preparation
3. Legal Research and Drafting
  • Legislation research Case law research
  • Memoranda of law
  • Compliance research
  • Regulatory and administrative law research
  • Contract/Agreement drafting
  • Multijurisdictional research
  • SEC forms Analysis
4. Document Conversion
  • Content Repurposing
  • Document format conversion
  • Digitization of cases, precedents, and conversions
  • OCR cleanup
  • Conversion of old and handwritten pages
5. Legal Transcription Services
  • Audio file transcriptions
  • Tribunal transcription
  • Voice dictations
  • Table of authorities and table of content
  • Minutes of meeting and legal typing
6. Corporate Support Services
  • UCC filings
  • Business license/permits search
  • Corporate document processing

Our scope of work includes primary and secondary legislation searching, creating databases for case law research, journal searching, e-publishing content, and so on. Our primary legal research solutions include:

Compliance Law Research Services

We will facilitate safer decision-making by checking if your product development options are legally compliant.

Intellectual Property Research Services

Global Patent Research, Patent Licensing, Patent Docketing, IP Prosecution Services, Technological Support, Market Research.

Litigation Support

We follow a collective litigation support procedure that helps improve your chances for favorable outcomes

International Legal Research

Multiple jurisdictional research, Statutory legal research, international law research, legislative bill tracking research, case law research, legal opinion, etc.

Secondary Source Research Services

Quantitative methods, Qualitative methods

Multi-Jurisdictional Research Services

Multi-jurisdictional research services helps you understand and operate rules, policies outside of your authority to get benefited with high-quality results within reasonable budget and time

e-Discovery Services

Preparing arguments can be challenging if you do not have what it takes to discover and interpret legal data. This is where we come in. Our team has the specialization to help you gain access to valuable legal data to prepare successful arguments

Legislative History Research Services

We provide high-quality and comprehensive legislative history research services. Legislative history documents can be extremely lengthy and take up too much time for reading and analysis. We carefully go through all required documents to help you create high-quality legislative histories on your area of focus.

New Client Research

You can can’t get further with your case, you’ll sound research capabilities. That is what we provide at O2I. Our expert legal researchers handle contact information research, company research, customer satisfaction surveys, and more

Foreign Law Legal Research

If you want legal research done in foreign law, we’ll help you get the data to close the gap between your goal. Consult with us today and get experts who are adept at foreign law legal research at affordable rates

Case Law and Legislative History Research

We provide comprehensive and in-depth case law and legislative history research services. We have a team of dedicated legal experts, lawyers, and paralegals that can provide exceptional-quality services at cost-effective rates.

Legal Research and Support

Our legal research support offerings include Drafting appeals, Motions, Briefs, Memos, etc.

Litigation Discovery Support

It includes Drafting as well as reviewing discovery

Quantitative Legal Support

Database creation and maintenance, Legal Transcription, Indexing and Coding are a part of this service offering

Qualitative Legal Support

Due diligence reports, Surveys, Patent and trademark services, and review of legal documents

Document Review

We provide a host of document review services such as preliminary review of documents for pre-litigation and internal investigations; due diligence review of internal documents; responsive and privilege review of documents and institutional document management. We perform the task of legal document review in two stages.

The first stage is the discovery stage, the objective of which is to break down bulk documents into data sets that are easy to comprehend and work with. We can help you manage your documents effectively as part of our discovery services.

At the second stage, the data sets are reviewed again. Usually, the document review process is carried out to extract key data, verify the data's relevance to the case and ensure that the data is safe.

Storage and Coding

After reviewing the documents, we store them properly.

Initially, the data is scanned and then converted into an electronic format.

The scanned documents are indexed and classified with meta tags, after which they are stored in CDs, tapes or any other medium desired by our customers.

We also code your documents so that you can access all the information by merely typing out a few essential keywords.

We help our customers with document retrieval solutions.

We can also help you with services such as drafting necessary discovery pleadings like interrogatories, request for production of documents and deposition summaries.