Legal Offshoring provides dedicated/full-time teams of Attorneys to clients; these teams act as an extension of clients own office. In addition to dedicated attorneys, Legal Offshoring provides relevant infrastructure and project management to meet client-specific requirements. Most of our clients prefer to engage with us through the dedicated team model. The team is selected and trained specifically for the client’s needs. The client is assigned a separate work area and segregated space on our servers.

  • Dedicated team size can vary from 1 FTE to any number FTEs based on project needs.
  • Fixed monthly charge per FTE on monthly basis.
  • Clients have full access and control of the dedicated team.
  • Customisable infrastructure, methodology and compliance to meet client-specific requirements
  • High applicability when there is predictable demand, requirement for expertise and specific infrastructure requirement

Our indicative pricing is as under:
Position Fees in £ Experience Monthly Hours
Associate 1,300 1-2 years 150
Senior Associate 1,700 3-6 years 150

Important Points

  • The candidates deployed will work exclusively for you on a full time basis.
  • If any candidate(s) leaves or you request a replacement then we will fill in the required positions within a reasonable time frame.
  • We propose to review the arrangement on an annual basis to factor inflation trends, pay rise to staff and currency movements.
  • Annual wage/overheads inflation for Mumbai operations will be factored and covered in our invoice to you, as mentioned in the previous point.

Working Hours/Holidays/Effective Rate Per Hour

  • Mumbai candidates are allowed to take 28 days of total leaves which includes statutory, sick leaves and annual leaves.
  • Leaves will be granted on the basis of work load and with a prior approval of the UK team.
  • The candidates will take important Indian public holidays, however, work will not be affected and we will manage the work flow and staff accordingly. The candidates will be available on demand.
  • The candidates will work for a minimum of 9 hours and 30 minutes including lunch/snacks break of 1 hour.
  • The candidates will maintain a time sheet of minimum of 8 hours a day, which takes it to 40 hours a week.
  • The candidates can work extended hours on weekdays and work over weekends, if required.

Effective rate per hour comes to £10 per hour for 2 staff (1 Associate and 1 Senior Associate) as under:

Number of hours per year/per candidate 1,800
Number of candidates 2
Total hours 3,600
Monthly cost in £ 3,000
Yearly cost in £ 36,000
Effective rate per hour in £ 10